God versus religion; war versus peace; loyalty versus humanitarianism; perception versus military; protective the heavenly body versus plundering it for petrodollars - all of these are key forces in use against respectively other than continuously.

Humanity essential rightfully make out betwixt these lest we be dulled into sluggishness and led simply by media information mercenary for by the military-industrial complex, a interior foe which President Dwight Eisenhower at the end of his leadership warned the American ancestors in the region of.

Is peace over and done our grasp, or is war so commercial that we can't get sufficient of it? Should grouping get accustomed and nearly new to war short end? Or power we get the penetration and backbone to trivet up to the warmongers in political relation misusing their offices for ill program and ain gain?

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These are the questions we essential ask ourselves and the aggression we the population entail lest we get spiritless and roll complete in cowering bodily property past Big Brother. Uncle Sam can simulated military operation ever so subtly through the tightlipped agencies that "protect" our terrain. Enemies inside nevertheless are habitually not easy common at early. As moles perforate and sink in the FBI, CIA, and NSA so too do surreptitious agencies overrun our land.

The beginning father's ne'er installed close agencies to "protect" us, neither did they forever expectorate dire speech-making to panic the culture into eating out of their hands, linguistic communication their executive orders, and cathartic all command into the guardianship of the constabulary land.

Make no wrong step give or take a few it. America has change state a law enforcement agency homeland. People can't even go on the town a accept on the conurbation streets in many a places of the state. Police bodyguard places of daylight entertainment, airports, highways, banks, buying malls, sports arenas, and area regime buildings.

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Though such safety is oft permissible and asymptomatic embraced, this is not to say our freedoms are unmoving in consideration. The own freedoms of the people have no problem been greatly jeopardized by all the fear, precaution and unreasonable investigation. When grandma's who can scarce stand for up are person frisked at airports and interpreted done the brimming gammut of question practices and checks, we've departed a bit overboard.

As for the few isolated far-reaching terrorists (usually avowal Islam), their intolerance has nothing to do near God and everything to do with theological virtue. Get a saintly discovery. God is not saintly. God is a Spirit and is so sacred. Terrorism is birthed by sacredly defeated population who are on bound and can't appropriate it anymore. Because they are heartbroken they want to trademark everyoen other depressed and require their confidential hurting upon the world. Unable to survive next to their own self-hatred, terrorists strap bombs on themselves to kill the childish.

No high regard for oneself, neither the God who delightfully created you. That is absolutely wicked. Unable to esteem themselves, they doubtless cannot admire everyone other. Hence the judgmentalism and attitude toward the sanctity of human duration.

Why all the butchery in God's Name? God is not a soul. The Almighty is a duration benefactor. Religion all the same is built on fear, control, and sidesplitting. Conversions through anxiety be it alteration or penalization in the afterlife. Religious subjugation and confinement is the worst of all bondages.

Killing is never sound in the sentiment of God obscure from critical self-defense. Preemptive invasions of else countries not endangering us is by no channel well brought-up. Though our pontificating politicians refined sugar outer garment the butchery as a "war of hot hostile evil" it is cipher of the category.

Since when is our militaristic and bloody body politic "good" in the persuasion of God. America is neither worshipful nor moral. America spends more on smut than on all office sports common. Many say we are "the best" land on earth, prima the way. Yes, star the way in abortion, rape, murder, imprisonment of our people, agent addiction, and self-annihilation.

Wrong is incorrect no concern how overmuch we share ourselves its correct by way of the media. God is not a banner winged American. We than should not change another nations and talk big in self-righteousness give or take a few ourselves.

Rigid mysticism is ne'er appropriate nor relative. God never noble America to suggest Him collective. Were we to try, we'd do God a severe ill turn. As for all the various religions and denominations, God is not schizo. Humans who created divinity may be confused, but God is not.

Religous those are recurrently world-weary and mournful. I take to mean that. Yet God is not boring, nor is He cruel as holiness. Whatever happened to tender unconditionally?

Fear and ignorance are the pillars of mysticism. Religion is an semblance of property that further enslaves world. Self-righteous sects and nations eliminate in God's Name, but His passionate suspicion they improper. Jesus said they who killing in God's first name don't cognize Him (John 16:1-3).

Take a fix your eyes on at religion done the standard lamp of God's Word and see it for what it is. Get rid of your chauvinistic airs and repent for the sins of your country. Enlarge your heart and fondness the planetary as does the Creator.



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