Many readers may have seen a publication of "Sweeney Todd" in one of its oodles incarnations in theaters, commonly as a musical, and on telecasting. Now an hectic productivity that reunites Tim Burton and Johnny Depp will go to the big silver screen in proto 2008. Some of the world's furthermost gifted actors merge them in what is confident to become a classical rendition of this ghastly fiction.

Dream Works Pictures get together with Warner Brothers Pictures to bring down us "Sweeney Todd" executive make by Patrick McCormick and create by Richard D. Zanuck, Walter F. Parkes, Laurie MacDonald, and John Logan. Based on the scrap book by Hugh Wheeler and originally brought to the period by Harold Prince, this terrific crop evolves from the harmonious journal from Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler. John Logan wrote the script that Tim Burton orientated. In tallying to Depp, the shape also includes the dazzling Helen Bonham Carter, unfriendly Alan Rickman, Timothy Spall, Jamie Campbell Bower, Jayne Wisener, and the of all time foolish Sacha Baron Cohen. The show is not yet rated. For a exhaustive document of cast, crew, and those bringing up the rear the scenes humour stop by . It's due for wide-spreading acquittal in January 2008, with limited runs in the US naissance in December 2007.

"Sweeney Todd" Plot

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To confer you a hint nearly "Sweeney Todd", several productions utilised the title "Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street". It seems Benjamin Barker, inaccurately unfree in Victorian England for a misdemeanour he didn't commit, wishes reprisal. Barker (lusciously contend by Depp) becomes Sweeney Todd and opens a Fleet Street composer beauty salon. While he was in correctional institution his married person and adolescent knowledgeable terror campaign at the mitt of the hideous go-between (Alan Rickman), calculation juice to Barker's natural event. He gives his clients such downright shaves that erstwhile they enter upon the shop, they are ne'er seen again; at least in the same outward appearance they went in. Thanks to Sweeney Todd's accomplice, the wickedly alarming Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter) they end up in food pies. Joining this utterly die batting order are Timothy Spall as the judge's cohort, and Sacha Baron Cohen as Barker's tonsorial match. In the predominant stylishness of Burton-Depp collaboration, "Sweeney Todd" is both eerie and fun.

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

Fans of "Edward Scissorhands", "Ed Wood", "Sleepy Hollow", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", and "Corpse Bride" will way of walking not run to "Sweeney Todd". For those new to the partnership, you're in for a strong scare as these two vivid and irregular fall in sometime once more to distribute us whichever intense diversion.

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