Very hopeful Smooth Jazz creative person David Benoit has discharged his album entitled Full Circle and Wow! It's really a devout one.

I wishing it weren't the legal proceeding but, it's not plain that I get a CD from an creative person that I can merely pop in and comfily listen to from commencing to end. There is by tradition a musical composition or two that I a moment ago can't push myself to get through with. Not at all the armour near Full Circle. Every track is pleasant and was pretty unproblematic for me to listen in to from inaugurate to conclusion.

Full Circle has a sunnily varied, mix of 10 tracks that are outstandingly okay inscribed songs by this observably shows potential creator. With several of the songs displaying a lot of the kindhearted sentiment that makes for a truly remarkable comprehend. They're all here.

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The nice entity roughly a CD close to this is when the gift is this well-off even if Smooth Jazz isn't your favorite kind you lifeless can't backing but appreciate the greatness of the artist.

Listen to this CD and I imagine you'll discovery there's not more to dis-like roughly speaking it. The songs are inspired, the harvest is simply outstanding, and Benoit is in top fashion. If you're even gently into Smooth Jazz music you'll soak up this CD.

Full Circle Release Notes:

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David Benoit primitively released Full Circle on Jun 27, 2006 on the Concord Records sign.

CD Track List Follows:

1. Cafe Rio

2. First Day Of School

3. Water To Drink

4. Beat Street

5. Six PM

6. Chasing The Tides

7. Neat With A Twist

8. Katrina's Little Bear

9. Yusuke The Ghost

10. Monster In The Attic

Personnel include: David Benoit (piano, keyboards); Paul Jackson Jr. (guitar); Oscar Castro-Neves (acoustic stringed instrument); Tim Weisberg (flute); Euge Groove (saxophone); Jeff Lorber (keyboards, synthesizer, programming); Brian Bromberg (upright deep); Nathan East (bass stringed instrument); Alex Acuna (percussion).



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