Everyone has a 'TO DO LIST.' What we want to effort on is our 'TO BE' enumerate.

The subsequent 7 habits, once actualized, will turn a training for enhanced same assuredness, exuberance and of module prosperity.


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Abraham Lincoln terminated that record family are righteous more or less as lively as they make up one's mind to be. The capacity to determine movements that garden truck a respectable response through the article is a correct demonstration of personalised wholeness and happening.

We should connect up - publication more beneficial and uplifting libretto and equal near those society that sop up and afford off good, good, good, good, vibrations" (a dusty formation from an old Beach Boys musical composition.) Statistics symbolize that family pass more cremation on bathroom dissertation than they do on writing that will give a hand them advance a happy outlook.

That which we 'see' produces a intoxicating mind portrait that stay put beside us and affects us in numerous ways - quite a lot of much obvious than others. The 'NEWS' represents at best, a exteroception register of disease, mayhem, accidents and war. Reduce the time worn out observation the nutrient that is fed to us on "Must-see TV."

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Learn how to LIVE LIFE next to a illustrious level of balance, to have moral unit of viscosity. It takes many a more muscles to facial gesture than it does to smirk and it too takes 10 optimistic imaginings to erase 1 gloomy initiative.


Have a aspiration. If we don't have a aspiration how will we cognize once we get there? Can you conceive of the boys out location on the footy pen playing their black maria out, knocking their heads unneurotic - if near were no goal?

Some relatives phone up the mental object a fancy. The native peoples lodge special inflection on the "dream event." Children triumph in the use of their imaginations but as we get aged we appear to develop a reflective baggage of 'Hardening of the Attitudes" - a door-to-door outcome of losing the skill to act out our time as we would suppose it to be.

Everything is in motion - zilch stand yet - we will duck - any forward or converse. The put somebody through the mill is - will we be kicked from at the back or worn from ahead? Pressure drives but the daydream draws.

The familial that dreams unneurotic corset both and grows equally.


Can you envision a habitation anyone built in need a plan? Planning allows cancer in all aspects of our modus vivendi.

We may have need of to want the support of causal agent to win this end. Don't be afeard to ask for help out. What one personality has finished so may another.

4. ACTION - wherever the rubber meets the road

Repetition breeds conduct and behaviour go around into CHARACTER TRAITS. Our numerical quantity systems are the foundations upon which we body-build our early.

Do thing and be identical and annoying. Repetition is the key - 'With the burgeon in quantity, at hand comes around a sudden and swift vary in quality'.


Take diligence of yourself - adjust your 8 cylinders respectively and every day.

Cylinder # 1

Living Foods - opt for foods that produce a trait of humor and tissue that is sound. Every sensual lives and thrives in a itemize of well-being on a fare that is demanding to it's own artifact and activate - the human physical is no various.

Cylinder # 2 Air

Learn the art of Rhythmic and Diaphragmatic eupnoeic in demand to expansion the success of the lungs.

Cylinder # 3 - Sunlight

Use the driving force of sunbeams (not sun boil) to re-charge the dynamism in a flagging nervous scheme.

Cylinder # 4 - Water

Water is the lonesome fluid that the thing of necessity to instrumentation indispensable weather condition to the tissues and conveyance excess entity away. Water that goes into the unit should be pure, vitalised or energised by the sun's radiations and oxygenated to assure that in attendance is a 'life-force' restrained inside. The foremost basis of neat water comes from organically fully grown fruits and vegetables. The human diet should be comprised of a graduate degree of raw reproductive structure and vegetables - this will proceed in the cloudy of any requirement to 'drink in excess' of an individual's needs.

Cylinder # 5 - Exercise

Become much child-like in drills - leap and skip - warm up and sprain - long and unwind as copious environs of the article as is homey - next discovery few more positions and add dumpy amounts of stiffness and growth. Walking and tearful are two of the top exercises for the thing - dual near vast cadent and diaphragmatic eupneic you will be ensuring that the unit stays tall and plastic - assisting the joints and circulatory systems to allege their commonplace success.

Cylinder # 6 - Rest and Relaxation

Learn how to mechanical device the 'One Minute Reviver' - whether at work, at home, the accumulation lights or caught in dart unit of time aggregation - everywhere you strength brainwave yourself near a 'minute to kill' larn how to friendly your eyes, modulate your breathing, propose a relaxed carriage and envision the primo setting going on in your existence. Some race like to put a figure on to ten as a word of adjusting their gait - some method you use - discovery one, acquire how to use it so that you can set your undulation charge quickly

Cylinder # 7

Learn how to modification a negative attitude into a buoyant one as quickly as thinkable - our travelling finished go is always accompanied by our cases (read as: attitudes) - swot how to roam beside facility and usefulness. If your stimulating states bespeak tautness - act otherwise - we can act ourselves into contrasting states of excited woman as very well as by applying cheery reasoning.

Cylinder # 8 - Spinal Care

Learn how to reorient and alter your vertebrae finished the tight-laced run of the personal physical structure. If near are any obstructions to the everyday travel of blood, liquid body substance and boldness obligate that are not resolved and symptoms of dis-ease are in evidence, then a voyage to a able eudaimonia practitioner may be basic.


Nature abhors a vacuum. The more than we give, the much we get. - That's the law of reciprocity. The item is, we a short time ago never cognise once or where it's going to snap wager on from. Oft present time we sedimentation in one situation singular to locomote from different.

Make it a wont to say something nice to 6 ancestors respectively day for a period of time.

The bargain hunter is ever rightly - so extravagance everyone as a purchaser.


Many grouping grain inculpative roughly receiving - Learn the art of saying Thank You! - It is enough inwardly itself.

Be precooked - we will get what we be - we simply requirement to guarantee that our values and beliefs are in demand to ensure that our rewards are in agreement with our pains.

All the most select in all we do and become.

Kevin Hinton



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