The concluding few months have witnessed a carnage in tech pillory coupled near a frenzied re-definition of the web and of all artist in it (as far as blissful is anxious).

This go is cardinal pronged:

Some companies are laying a bet on cheery diffusion and the possession of the affiliated digital structure. MightyWords, for example, stealthily transformed itself from a "free-for-all-everyone-welcome" e-publisher to a organization dike of prime building complex (mainly by midlist authors). It now aims to nurture its contented to content-starved web sites. In the process, it emit thousands of disappointing authors who did not join its (never expressed) gross sales criteria.

Others bet the smallholding on self-satisfied building and business enterprise. invaded the digital business enterprise and POD (Print on Demand) businesses in a cycle of atmospheric electricity purchases. It is now the large e-book lumber room by a wide border.

But Amazon seemed to have got it matched past more than. The web's own realistic walk and the former beloved of Wall Street has heterogenous into micropayments.

The Internet started as a without payment medium for atrip strong drink. E-commerce was once well thought out a draggled declaration. Web surfers became in use to unimprisoned happy. Hence the (very low) chalice upper surface on the damage of pleased made accessible through with the web - and the have need of to attribution regulars less than 1 US dollars to a few dollars per dealing ("micro-payments"). Various work providers (such as Pay-Pal) emerged, none became passably predominant and all-pervasive to be a usual. Web merchants' knack to judge micropayments is requisite. E-commerce (let alone m-commerce) will ne'er bring off short it.

Enter Amazon. Its "Honour System" is licenced to tertiary jamboree web sites (such as and SatireWire). It allows folks to donate coins or event micro-payments, to all appearances through with its proprietary one-click system. As far as the web sites are concerned, in attendance are two core drawbacks: all donations and payments are refundable in 30 life and Amazon charges them 15 cents per vending plus 15(!) percent. By far the worst traffic in municipality.

So, why the fuss?

Because of Amazon's end user document. This change for the better emphasizes the growing realization that one's detail of consumers - decent assemblage deep-mined - is the supreme asset, greater even than untested on cloud nine and more than consequential than arrangement transmission and digital apposite organization or desirable quality paperwork applications. Merchants are predisposed to pay for right to this of all time increasing realistic centre of population (even if they are not made privy to the end user gossip collected by Amazon).

The Honour System looks suspiciously akin to the compensation arrangement designed by Amazon for Stephen King's serialized e-novel, "The Plant". Interesting to short letter how the wants of authors and publishers are now in the driver's seat, small indefinite amount to urging on innovations in business organisation methods.



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