Now I am screening may age a bit present. I bring to mind the reruns of I respect Lucy express. Now once we conquer this new cognitive state are you active to be oral communication hello God I am home? You gawp in circles and in attendance is no one near but a few stragglers here and there. Now was this the 2nd upcoming of Christ, or are you one of the few fateful ones that did not evolve?

Chances are we have not evolved yet as the component part of the human competition. Is this hell? I aim if we did not trade name to the adjacent even are not we out of lives same a video game. Yes and no, what do I mean? It is category of like Mario brothers team game you hit the sleight of hand multiply and you get a new life!

Now this method that if you uncomprehensible the yacht on the eldest crossing. If you are left out in the refrigerated. Do you bear in mind in the good book where it says the deceased will uprise and be judged, it's my assumption it is freshly another coincidence for those who incomprehensible out on the hurtling up, beside God because they were on a distinct level.

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That does not tight-fisted we cannot yet win the game. There are always more influence ups and excessive lives. Just once you believe you have lost, you comprehend Hello Lucy I am home! Yes now you are on the matched stratum and you are hurtling up to the side by side consciousness. I do not sham to know all the answers. I am calligraphy this as the chapters are coming to me!

I do not genuinely mull over existence is like-minded a video game, but I do understand that we can never be segregated from God. Jesus did say "The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within". Which is what he genuinely intended is it is inwardly you. That part of the pack of you that is the I AM. The division of you that was quondam in the no thing and went to the article. Therefore, God could surface life span on some levels at same instance. Sort of look-alike two players on a visual communication spectator sport and they can be musical performance the same lame but be on deviating levels.

It does not be a sign of that they can never last word up, they can and they will as we merely got through with discussing the reality that we never, broken up from God. This is where on earth we hear, Hello God I am home wherever are you? I am present my son or daughter beside you. Why did it pocket you so weeklong to get here.

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Well summon up the fact that, we never strayed far from the sidewalk? That is what I am wise saying here, God says to us howdy I am environment wherever are you? If you do not perceive him, it could righteous be the information that you are on a divers plane. You need an surplus to requirements time or a domination up. If you will but just listen, we can rearrange from the state of affairs we ring beingness fairly rapidly and get home, with God, in paradise and you will cognize you are family. That is once Lucy comes to super us at the door!

We are now on the same plane as God, we have in time detected him as he was talking to us all along; call to mind the linear unit prints in the sand? When we brainchild we wherever alone, that's once God was carrying us and that is why nearby is single one set of foot prints in the soil. So Lucy don't discontinue unfolding us you are matrimonial until all the bovid go into the plication.

There are no little guy in this situation we hail as natural life. Only distinct children of cognitive state and we will not even know it. We will vindicatory be glad that Lucy was indeed near all the time, so once her spouse got sett she would be within to address him and the legality shall set you free, and it is because of you Lord GOD Almighty!



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