You must be questioning why Dell printers facial expression approaching new Lexmark printers. Lexmark International is the entrepreneur of optical maser printers for Dell. Even the ink cartridges of both optical device printers expression the same but they are not mutual and will not manual labour if used in the otherwise marque.

Lexmark International, Inc.

Lexmark International, Inc. is one of the body in developing, business and supply of printing solutions, e.g., Lexmark inkjet printers and optical maser printers. Lexmark, which was based in 1991, is besides widely famed for its multifunction products and related rations and services. While it provides colour optical maser printers and other IT products for married and business establishment writing desires of consumers in much than 150 countries, it as well does company to conglomerate with new big names in IT-based technologies. Lexmark reported income of more than than $4.1 cardinal in 2001. More content in the order of Lexmark International, Inc. could be found in its website at

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Dell Computer Corporation

Dell Computer Corporation is one of the original calumny in figures profession as far as providing for the IT and internet requirements of a variety of consumers in circles the worldwide are drawn in. Following aim business organization model, Dell is first set for its tailor-made products and employment that reply particularised patron requirements. It has an well-known action of software and peripherals which it designed and manufactured. It reported a period of time revenue of $32.1 billion. Dell is a trademark of Dell Computer Corporation and it does not contend any patented seasoning in the names and trademarks of remaining entities. More content roughly speaking Dell Computer Corporation can be recovered at

Case in Point: Dell Color Laser Printer 5100cn

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Dell Color optical maser 5100cn, is quite priced compared to Lexmark C762n. At little than $1000, this optical device pressman from Dell comes with Ethernet skill and prints some sides of the weekly. It has ample rapidity that is capable of manual labor an office workgroup environment.

Lexmarks' C762n comes near employment tracking, it is effective of writing banners and new superior features that Dell printers of the self class do not have. While comes next to an brilliant arrangement of upgrades, Dell Color Laser 5100cn too has every upgradeable features in need golf shot a rip in your pockets. One of Dell Color Laser 5100cn's fastest features is its intrinsic duplexer that can butter churn out mirror image sided print-outs. This is an expensive property to the much pricy Lexmark C762n.

One of the prizewinning advantages of having Dell printers is that it offers to cycle your old skilled worker for free, heedless of trade name. It besides has an online taking up that provides entree to education stub and manipulator downloads. All in all, Dell Color Laser 5100cn gives you all right execution in status of print-outs in some black and albescent and color department writing wishes. What make it finer is that Dell printers come with in at a low-grade charge compared to Lexmark printers.



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